"If you don't give the market the story, they'll define your brand's story for you"

David Brier

I create brands that speak. 

I love delving deep into the heart of your story, drawing out meaning and infusing business strategy, to create a thoughtful, unique and compelling visual identity that is also a powerful driver for trust and profitability in your business.   

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What would it feel like to have a visual identity that spoke for you?

That was authentic and built trust in your ideal customers and clients? 

That was elevated and spoke of the quality of your offerings, securing your place in the market and making you stand out from the crowd? 

Your branding is so much more than a beautifully designed logo, though that’s certainly part of it. It should be a clear and cohesive voice for your business that builds trust in your community, clients or customers.

I work with my clients to tell their brand story through my signature considered, minimal and authentic graphic design. 




Michelle- from her sweet disposition to her gentle words of encouragement, she is an absolute joy to work with. Never once did it feel like a one-sided process or that I shared information and she just came back with the product. It always felt like we were a team and we were in it together. It also always felt like her heart was in it- I always knew that she cared and was designing intentionally for me and the story I wanted to share. She created such beautiful work that completely matches what I was communicating. She is so very thoughtful and pays attention to the details. She truly went above and beyond what I expected and I loved the way everything turned out. Thank you, Michelle, for everything!

Stephanie Abbitt  - Unearthing: The Creative

I spent about a year looking for the right person to do my branding. When I happened upon Michelle on Instagram. I knew instantly that this was the person I needed to rebrand my business. I loved her aesthetic, the simplistic beauty of her work, but most importantly I knew in my gut that she would be perfect.  

I had no reservations whatsoever once I booked Michelle, it all felt perfectly right. 

It was for this reason that I gave her free reign, I trusted her completely to create something that was me. The process was a joy. Michelle made it so incredibly easy & after the first round we had the basics down. And I ADORE my branding. I’ve never felt so comfortable since I started this little business & as everybody has said,  “it’s me”. Michelle captured me, my style , my flowers, everything, in my new branding. I couldn’t be happier & would recommend her in a heartbeat. Her professionalism, talents, patience & style are invaluable. 

Jane – Wildwood Floral

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 We’ll begin by exploring your why — pinpointing your business’s unique qualities and getting clear on your vision for the future. We will conduct in-depth research into your market, competitors and potential positioning and design directions. Finally, you’ll receive a custom brand strategy document summarizing our research, which will serve as the foundation for our custom design work. 


This is where the true magic happens. You’ll see your brand take shape through our collaborative design process. During a series of design rounds + revisions (3 design rounds are included at the logo design stage, and 2 for all others), we’ll thoughtfully craft the design elements of your new visual identity.  


Your completed brand arrives in your inbox delivered with all the file types you’ll need, ready for you to use with ease and confidence. You’ll also receive a visual guide to all of your brand elements, designed for you to reference moving forward as you transform the aesthetic of your business into a singular, distinctive voice.




• In-depth research
• Brand strategy document
• Phone consultation
• Initial mood board options
• Logo
• Submark (alternate logo)
• Font System
• Colour Palette
• Brand Board



• In-depth research
• Brand strategy document
• Phone consultation/s
• Initial mood board options
• Logo
• Submark (alternate logo)
• Font System
• Colour Palette
• Brand Board 

PLUS your choice of 2-4 branding items which could include for example:
Add illustration to your logo, Brand pattern, Icons for website or social media, Business card design, Thank you card design, Basic Packaging design, Contract template, Social media templates, Promotional graphics, Listing PDF, Price Guide PDF, Opt-in/Freebie template, Proposal Template, Promotional Leaflets etc.

To offer you the best value, the branding items purchased as part of the Premium Package are at a discounted rate compared to purchasing them as seperate ‘A La Carte’ items.


You will work with two specialist experts: Mishku Studio for your brand design and our web-design partner, Stefani Jessica Studio, for your site. This gives you two experienced designers who work collaboratively together to seamlessly give you the best possible outcome for your business. 

Everything from the Basics Package plus: 

• a custom Showit website with up to 6 pages
• a site strategy PDF
• a site mockup, then transformed into a full website demo
• up to a 30 minute, shared screen tutorial made especially for you
Launch assistance which includes:
• demo site transfer to your account
• soft launch to ensure all elements are working before your launch
• working with Showit support to transfer your domain and blog posts


Get in touch


We also offer brand items such as the add-ons to the Premium Package on an A La Carte basis. Get in touch and we'll be able to work out the best solution to your needs and give you a quote.

*Please note we do not offer logo design on it's own*

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(what all those fancy branding terms mean)


Logo: A logo is the visual mark that represents your business

Submark/ Alternate Logo: An Alternate Logo is another version of your logo that is similar in style but it presents differently - often the shape or orientation is changed to allow you to use your logo in any space. For example your logo might best into a rectangle shape but this is no good for an Instagram profile pic, this is where your alternate logo comes in which is often created to fit into square shapes well.

Visual Identity: A visual identity consists of all the imagery and visuals that represents your brand. This can include things like logos, photographs, the designs on your brand collateral, social media graphics. They should all present a cohesive look and feel.

Branding: A brand is a combination of marketing strategies, design, values and more that come together to communicate what your business is about to your audience, and influence their perception of what it is that you do and where you sit in the market. Branding is the process of strategically selecting all the bits and pieces that go together to form a brand. 

Brand board:This is where we put all your selected brand elements into a handy graphic for you. This is so you can see at a glance how all of the brand elements work together, like your fonts, colours, logo, alternative logo etc. 

Mood board: A mood board is a collage of existing imagery that represents the look and feel of a branding concept. This is the first step when you work with us, as it helps us to make sure we’re on the same page before we proceed to create the actual designs.

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Wondering who’s behind Mishku? That’s great because it means you’re thinking about working together!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Michelle Kunitoshi Browne. I live in the beautiful city of  Melbourne, Australia.

With family roots all over the world, I have been an avid traveller since I was very young which feeds the designs that I create for my clients. I am continually inspired by the juxtaposition of wild and, natural elements originating from my father’s home on the West coast of Ireland, and the restraint and subtlety that is deeply rooted in the Japanese aesthetic.

After 10 years of studying design and working under international high end fashion labels, I yearned to create something that would be truly impactful for others and have powerful, enduring value beyond the next ‘season’. 

As soon as I designed my first brand, I immediately felt that this was the place where I could really support people in their dreams and make a powerful impact, through thoughtful and strategic design.

I have a strong understanding of how distinct elements of design can work together to create something greater. I will help you take your passions, your goals and your mission and meld them into something that is elevated, powerful and at its heart is genuinely you.