I feel the designer’s role has changed in recent years from one of creating beautiful forms, or clear identification for brands, to one where the designer visualizes the possibilities. Visualizing and awakening the hidden possibility.
— Kenya Hara

A little about me:

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and maker living in the beautiful city of Melbourne in a century old house with my husband and our sweet adopted cat, Sushi.

Though I was born and bred in my beloved Australia, my parents are both from overseas (my Dad from Ireland and my Mum from The States), so I’ve been travelling the world since before I could walk. To add to that cultural confusion, I married a very lovely man from Japan and am slowly learning Japanese. So far, I know how to say “please stop speaking” and “my feet hurt” (very useful phrases for everyday life).

Some of my favourite moments are spent exploring beautiful places, particularly in nature, at museums learning and being inspired or rainy days (and let’s face it, any day) curled under a blanket at home with a cup of tea. I dream of one day owning a kotatsu, having 5 golden retrievers and tending to a small Japanese inspired garden.


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My background is in fashion and textiles so as you can guess, I love all things tactile and have a focus on the materials I use. 

As I mentioned, I’m an avid traveller and this is where I gain a lot of my inspiration. The wild beauty of the West Coast of Ireland (where my family is from) shows up in loose organic sketches in my work and the textures I use. The refined and minimal aesthetics of Japan influence how I work with balance and composition.

 I feel nothing is more beautiful than what nature is able to create and I tend to be drawn to design and art that draw inspiration from, or is complimentary to, the natural world.



I am passionate about good design and have spent the past decade of my life pursuing that in one form or another. I deeply believe for a design to be of value, it needs to be rooted in authenticity. I strive to create designs that speak. That speak for you and truely reflect the wonders of who you are.


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