The Premium Package

The Premium Package

from 600.00

What's included:

- Research
- Initial Mood Board
- Logo
- Submark (alternate logo)
- 3-4 Colours
- 2-3 Fonts
- Brand Board

 PLUS your choice of 4 of the following options:
- Business card (design only – printing quoted separately)
- Thank you card or postcard (design only – printing quoted separately)
- Basic Packaging design (eg label)
- Contract template
- Return address design
- 2 social media templates (Pinterest, Instagram etc)
- 2 Promotional graphics for your opt-ins (to post on Instagram, Pinterest etc)


Pricing options: Upfront payment of $1100 OR 2 payments of $600 (you will be sent an invoice for the second payment on completion of the project). Prices are in USD. 

Start Month:
Split or Full Payment:
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