Nice to meet you, I’m Michelle Kunitoshi Browne. I am a graphic designer working with businesses to tell their stories. I specialise in refined brand identities and creative solutions to propel your growth.

My favorite days are spent traveling (particularly through Ireland and Japan) to gather inspiration and at my desk bringing new designs into life. In the in-between times, I like to sip cups of tea with my husband and cat...obviously the cat isn't drinking tea.



Brand Design Services

At Mishku Studio it is our passion to create brands that speak. We love creating compelling, authentic and meaningful visual identities that you’ll feel proud to put out into the world to represent you!

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Craft an irresistible, authentic brand that attracts your dream clients.

Drawing from 3 of the most inspiring design philosophies in the world, I’ll show you exactly how to implement these ideas into your own work so you can achieve a natural, minimal, meaningful aesthetic.


What people are saying about the Download

Thanks so much for the branding pdf. I haven't been able to define my style and I haven't been able to work out why. Reading about the design philosophies reminded me about what I love and will help me to keep that in mind as I move forward. Thanks for your help!

- Jill

This is seriously the best freebie I’ve downloaded! And quite possibly the most beautiful! The design concepts Michelle shares gave a name and theory to so many things I’m drawn to. And I love the action steps and challenges. Can’t wait to apply them to some projects I’m working on! 

- Natalie

This is the most gorgeous pdf!! It is so professional, so concise and most importantly - so useful! I'm blown away!

- Lucy




 Michelle, the talented and soulful mind behind Mishku Studio. She has this uncanny ability to read my mind and translate my vision into something not only visually stunning, but completely on brand. As a stylist and creative director, I can be (okay I am) really particular about how my work is presented and how my aesthetic will shine through in the work of others and seriously, Michelle just nails is each time I work with her to create something. If you are in need of someone amazing to elevate your brand identity, she is your person. 

Sandra Chau - Stylist

You're working with a visionary designer when working with Michelle. The first time we worked together, I felt 100% confident that she would be able to capture my vision beautifully.. And she did. I thumbed through the designs, delighted at her attention to detail, texture, and the story I wanted to tell. I love her ability to hold in balance the wild and raw with restraint, elegance, and class. Michelle is also kind, easy to work with, timely, creative, and very much to the point (something I highly value). I would hire her for any project. I trust not just the design skills she's developed over years, but her intuition, which is invaluable and always reaching new depths of meaning and creativity.

- Emma Natter (Stylist)

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